Just Only One

Just Only One


>>So Ji Sub @ Japanese fan Meeting [AGAIN IN JAPAN2018] _51K Naver

Our national New Year's Day
Lunar holiday
Have fun with your family ♬ Did you spend your time?

It's late.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
(Rice cake soup ● Did you drink a lot?)

I do not want to work
Soon Spring, Loneliness _ Syndrome
You are suffering
For everyone

Pick your way ★
♪ who steals your heart ♬ So Ji Sub ♪ So Ji Sub

Abandon a holiday
Only the fans. liver
Actor So Ji Sub
Japanese fan meeting scene
It's better to look closer!
From now on we will release Behind!

#Check #Ji Sub
Before the performance,

Hat + Sunglasses + Mask
Even if ...
Hua Hua = ♥
# Reeem Attention

# This is something like Island Island

A Yo ♬
Hip-Hop ♬ Soulmate ♪
With "Soul Dive"
Rehearsing in progress

Let's go for a lifetime!
uh. Appointment!!

That's it.
My heart is still.

Mochimochi ☆
When you are ready

Before the stage
Shouting Fighting Dot!

Sticker image
In this fan meeting,
'Comprehensive gift set' class ☆ service
'Fan ♥' is overflowing
I heard rumors!
Now I'm a hot tang ♪

※ Please note
※ Simchung

Express fan service is like this!
Show ☞

I wanted to give a special gift to my fans, so 
I made a pottery bowl for the first time in my life.

Good luck ♡ The main character of

Oh Oo clothes = 3

Eye contact
Ponas ~ ♡
To your eyes

Last November,
Based on the whole of Sapporo, Japan
Photo album SOJISUB In Sapporo
Making video Choi, Suk, Gong, Dog
#Very praised

SOJISUB In Sapporo Photo Album
It is planned with the intention of repaying the continuous interest and hot love of the fans both at home and abroad,
It will be officially released in April.
I will not miss it!

#Pacific shoulder

Everybody ... did you notice?
Part 2 ♬ You and my connection
# Hip hop Stage (with Soul Dive)

SoJisub just My brother
I need it.♬

It's Fulu~ time!

That's right!

# Power Up

#Jump #Jump

I like it if you like it.

Why is it so cool?

The atmosphere of the day
# Look at the video _
  Would you feel it?

Even if you look at it
Even if you look twice
Good ♡ Good

I sincerely appreciate the fans who support us constantly.
This fan meeting with you, too,
It was a very meaningful and happy time for me.
I want to show you a more beautiful appearance in the future.
I will do my best.

# The world is cool # Super gwight
2018 Sojip Sub Japan Fan Meeting
In a great way !!

Cr : 51Knaver


>>So Ji Sub @ Support the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics!

It's getting bigger, 
I'm going to ride a train.

Even if you use a mask ... ☆
You are still so cool

Over 1 hour and 30 minutes
Finally arrived

First, Gangneung Olympic Park
To the waiting room.

One game can not be missed!

Take care of the game during the game yo ~ ♬

Now you can see?

"Ha .."
100 times better index
I'll do it!

#Already_Do not thrilled

#Yet_I have a lot of things to prepare.♥ 

The wind is blowing ~ ♬

I want to promote Korean players.
2018 Official Sponsor of PyeongChang Winter Olympic Sports Apparel
Attended the "North Face" Opening Ceremony
So Ji Sub 

It is beautiful to look at.
It is lovely to watch for a long time.
Did you say?

National class
I'm leaving.

If you give me that kind of contact,
Thank you

I'm just waving with my hand

I sit ♪

West ♪

When you walk ★

#Handsome blast
#Gentle mist
#Coolness is overflowing.

Actor So Ji Sub
Promotion of 'Team Korea'
I cheer for you!!

© The North Face

© The North Face

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games,
I wish you a successful hosting.
With many people who worked hard
The national players who have been preparing hard and sweating more than anyone
Hope you have a good result,
I will also support you with your whole heart!

#Actor #SoJiSub_Grace
#Good spirits

I'm going to KTX to Seoul.

Kantans such as trains Real # Lotto _ First place

On coming March 14,
At the theater
Is there a date?

© Movie
Two male and female actors representing Korea
So Ji-seop and Son Ye-jin meet
I am going to meet you now,

On March 14,
On White Day ♥
See you at the theater! Spray!

Cr : 51Knaver