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Just Only One


>>So Ji Sub@ New Movie"Employee"

So Ji-sub cast as male lead in upcoming film.

So Ji-sub has been cast in an upcoming film, according to his agency 51K.

An official from 51K confirmed with 10Asia on Wednesday that So will play the male lead in the movie tentatively titled "Employee" set to crank in during the latter half of this year.

"Employee" tells the story of a hitman that decides to quit his job after falling in love with a woman. He later becomes a target of his former colleagues.

So is one of the most popular actors in Korea and has appeared in numerous TV dramas and movies since his debut in 1996. He became a household name in Korea and Asia with his roles in 2004 hit series "Something Happened in Bali" and "I'm Sorry, I Love You."

He is currently filming the movie "Only You," helmed by critically acclaimed director Song Il-gon, in which he plays a former boxer named Chul-min that falls in love with a girl who gradually loses her eyesight, to be played by actress Han Hyo-joo.



>>So Ji Sub@ New pic 51K/green members

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>>So Ji Sub@ New Movie

Mi Yeon Lee, SJS and 'businessman' to return to screen after four years

Mi Yeon Lee, according to officials making the last 24 days the last 'businessman' being offered the heroine role, said it was considering starring in a positive way.

Movie 'businessman' Hitman companies working in the murder of a woman in love with men jeojireudeon I quit trying to associate the contents of the target green action movie melodrama.

SJS earlier to cast this guy as a hero after Mi Yeon Lee worked in a factory and women raising children yeokeogal reverse degradation is expected to SJS and sad romance.

Mi Yeon Lee in the works for 2007 over the shoulder of the lovers' return to the screen after 4 years shows that film fans and their expectations are rising.

On the other hand, is put into production costs 40 eokwondae 'businessman' is ahead of the second half keuraengkeuin.
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>>So Ji Sub@LoVe Letter

So Ji Sub's love letter @ 51K - 2011.05.23 ♥♥♥

''Last 16 days

You see them up close,The report, while as acting.

Sheds are likely to be a pleasant memory power.

I also hope all those good memories have been.

Thank the director and staff to make sure that students who did you want me.

Boring and repetitive because of the shooting

trouble Would have been nice too ^ ^ Thank you for Giving



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>>So Ji Sub@ Caps pic VDO

Warning ... You should not see this VDO if you are a heart disease.^_~

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>>So Ji Sub@ New pic" Only you "

>>So Ji Sub@ News Giordano

SJS, mubojeong body does not need to say 'eye cleansing Art of Seduction

[TV Daily = seonmigyeong News] charisma as an actor So Ji this little charm is shaking the hearts of female fans.

Last online community, "SJS is a photo shoot, when in fact the feeling?" in the title of your ad is being taken to see a photograph of SJS gejaedwae has attracted attention.

Photos published in the SJS wearing blue jeans and white t-shirt, looking relaxed, but the former model to shoulder height and broader and flatter his own devilish charm. SJS, especially the big yellow hand finger along the charming poses props to evoke laughter.

Photos of the netizens who watched "You can wear jeans and a white tisyeocheuman too soganji", "Can a person be able to catch SJS", "do not need to be calibrated's body" has shown a variety of reactions, such as.

SJS while the movie 'only you' are going to lose the sight in love with her ​​elder brother took on the role of a boxing champion


>>So Ji Sub@ VONIN CF -The style blue (Making)



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