Just Only One

Just Only One


>>So Ji Sub @ Translate only answer from Exclusive interview at Beijing.2012/4/25

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By dear 한초하

I have translated SJS's answers into Ensligh. I cannot read Chinese letters.

So, I don't know what questions are but we can guess if we think the movie

Always and SJS's other interviews.

1. First of all, I liked the script. I love the classic melo-story as I told. I love especially Cheomin character, he loves only one woman to death.

2. Is it first time for me to learn boxing? (looking at somebody) It is different from other actions. I learned boxing for one month before shooting and had a sparring also.

3. I like traveling alone and liked taking photographs but people misunderstand I can take photos very well and then it has become a job not a hobby because of the misunderstanding ( Jisub told before. Many people pushed him to hold a photo exhibition). So, I reduced taking photos.

4. Actually, I wanted more special make-up for the scene but other people don't.

5. I thought "Always" was a melo movie not an action movie. (laugh). I didn't intend to choose action movies. It happened to be.^^

6. I think I am kind but I don't know how other people think of. (laugh)

7. No, I don't observe other people that much but I tend to listen to other people. Actually, my friends easily get their troubles off their chests to me.

8. If the movie ending was sad, I would not choose.

9. I don't want to go back then. I love this moment.
I've never thought I wanted to go back to the past.

10. It was just a scene filmed on bed as the word is. (laugh)

11. I haven't acted in many movies.

12. I am an actor. So, I am immersed in emotion of the character but because it was filmed at the early time of the shooting, so I felt awkward at that time even if the scene showed very lovely & natural a pair of lovers.

13. Mr. Terence Chang is so competent producer and I liked he always understands actors and actresses in actors/actresses's place. So, I have started business with him. As a good partener, I hope I can work with him with great works.

14. If there is a good chance for me to work with a great movie , I want to do because there are many great directors and actors/actresses in China rather than I expect something.

15. It is the secret(laugh).

16. It is an album about love and farewell and how to handle when we face with farewell.(laugh)

17. I don't try to be lonely but I tend to be lonely.

18. same as other people. I watch TV or movies or read books or doing something with computer.

19. Without any special reason, I love it. For the first time, I liked taking other people' faces but when I tried to take their faces with camera, they seemed to feel

uneasy. So, these days, I take landscape or buildings and back posterior view of lovers.

20. (Director Song is laughing)

Uh? Evaluate? I've never evaluated. Do you really think I can kill people with my eyes?( Song laughs aloud)

21. I like the word "actor" the most because I am an actor. The others are not still comfortable or makes me feel awkward. I love acting the most.

22. If I am on the first? There is no accurate criteria to evaluate who is the first in this field(acting). I love to challenge or make a new initiative never tried before.

23. It is first time for Korean to issue one's own private magazine.

24. (Maybe the interviewer's question is about the theme of SONICe. 7 sins)
I consulted and discussed with many people about it.

25. I should marry later because I still have many things I want to do. (Song laughs and Jisub smiles)

26. When I have time, I exercise. If I don't have enough time for exercise, I do push-ups at home.

27. I like and love acting. It was just a job until recently. But now I love it.

28. I will keep trying my best in my acting and if I have a chance, I want to work in China. First, I hope many people like Always movie.

29. At that time, I hadn't received many movie scenarios.

30. I receive drama scripts and movie scenarios almost same. I had a longing and expectation for movie. I felt movies were so attractive after acting in the movies.

31. No, I won't. If the scenario or script is good, I will choose regardless it is movie or drama.


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>>So Ji Sub @ NH New CF

SoJisub verision will be aired on May 12 according to NH homepage.^_~

And SonYejin version.:)

SJS says only end of this CF "진짜?(Jinzza)-Really?"

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