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>>So Ji Sub@'Powerade'

The blue-chip advertising 'SJS', received by Gatorade

 Actors SJS sports drink 'Powerade' was picked as the new advertising models. SJS in a masculine charisma, the ad boasts the utmost.
 All Star and reliability recognized as a new advertising model that SJS can learn from advertising in the hottest. Smartphones, consumer electronics and household goods such as Gatorade to the model after being chosen as 'best blue-chip advertising' proved.
 Advertising officials said that "a healthy and energetic SJS has attracted a 'universal athletes' Hallyu star and has a global image. Changing the time to upgrade their image and dovetailed Powerade, "he said.
 Meanwhile, opening this fall on the eve of SJS movie 'only you' cheolmin he played a boxer in the shooting have been sold.
 Kids Mom News reporter hangyeongdatkeom baksinjeong

>>So Ji Sub@ New pic

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>>So Ji Sub@Coca Cola Powerade[in Thailand]

SJS-round, this time with a large bus speed showdown

[TV Report songseungeun News] actor So Ji Sub to emulate a large bus and speed captures an image.
SJS and taking to the model of Powerade sports drinks is through a new ad.
In this advertisement, full of passion, he challenges jeokyimyeonseo masculine charisma will make the utmost eruptions.
In this regard, Thailand, last held in April second advertisement in the hoop, the band kicks in the air without any such body is done in person sariji dalgwotda site does not show his face.
The speed of buses, standing alongside the all-round athlete competing down the face exposed scenes.
Even Thailand, local officials, "is really a great model," he poured praises He took a back door.
Above all, in Thailand filming a reputation as a Hallyu star, Fe exerted. SJS is known in Thailand after the Thai fans to enter news at the airport waiting for me and lasted throughout the day of his arrival it's been played out.
Others Koreans in South Korea and Thailand, locals flock to the studios and recognized him for phosphorylation achieved due to the happening of a delay shooting was fashioned.
Coca - Cola said "SJS and Powerade sports drink was chosen as the new model" and "healthy and energetic as a Hallyu star all-round sportsman and has a global image. Always changing their look to upgrade the global sports drink, Powerade, and was right on, "he said.
Ads will be aired through the TV next month.
Meanwhile, the elder brother SJS and the film focuses on breathing 'only you' (songilgon Director) cheolmin he played a boxer in the shooting have been sold.
Photo = 51k http://news.nate.com/view/20110428n06296


>>So Ji Sub@Making a movie Powerade[in Thailand]


>>So Ji Sub@VONIN

>>So Ji Sub@ Fanmeeting in Tokyo

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>>So Ji Sub@ boxing!

There your heart will beat again! Encore, "Gym Yigidong>

Admiring the actors indulge in boxing!
But Kim, Ji Sub, Lee Si
The best sport was once a boxing match that was popular poems, by an actor in recent years, these boxing geuingiga are increasingly surviving. This trend is leading boxing representative role of an immediately, SJS, Lee Si!
Each of these plays, films and even on the reality boxing ppajimyeo Admiring the syndrome is causing bouts.
Theatre on December 31 last year, "Yigidong Gym> to start appearing in the current local performances May 13 to come after the encore performances in Daehangno" Yigidong Gym> KimSou include an appearance by the damned one, including certified boxing royalty Syndrome ! Kim Soo plays include "Yigidong Gym> premiered in 2009 and in April 2010 after seeing all the performances of actual boxing training introduced through a real and vibrant stage actor's passion and sincerity of the story takes place around the gym moved to a surprise appearance decision. 3-month intensive professional training is as much as a real player skills and the body creates a concert in Seoul last December 31 to start finalizing great success, the current popularity of the province are participating in performances. The encore performances is in progress in Daehangno have been in the meantime, learn how to breathe with the perfect acting basis by introducing a more in-depth will captivate audiences. Meanwhile, film and drama teacher roles through the roses, the role of an 'surosaem ~' If the word came, and now the role of an Iranian natural boxing boxing enough to remember the word from him can not you lit it became ttaelraeya.

Through the play the role of an audience with focused breathing, if two boxers in the film appeared to SJS and go after boxing syndrome. Film "and only you> sunjeongpa boxer took on the role in SJS to turn a perfect little under intense boxing training. SJS crossovering digest the harsh training as a boxer is concentrating on transformation. Film "and only you,> because the boxers are going to lose a man and a woman of vision and aedalpeun jeoljeol as a love story" Flower Island "," geomisup "," picnic>, and picked up a megaphone directed songilgon director, SJS and elder brother Lord has focused breathing. Is scheduled to be released this fall.
But Kim, acting through two bouts of SJS, if introduced, Lee Si, despite the actor and real life woman syndrome has led to the boxing. Recently she 7th National Women's Amateur Championship Amateur Boxing Championships 48kg geupeseo occupy the country last November microcosm of boxing sport boxing tournament, the KBI 48kg competition last February the 47th grade and Seoul boksingjeon Amateur Amateur Championship 3 contains the total secured the championship, captured a lot of people interested. She started boxing for a diet that was known, the actual boxing diet lose 7kg, and concurrently a steady diet reduced body fat by 4.7kg. Due to the pace of her diet for many women, boxing has emerged as a new diet is
So in the midst of the social role of an in boxing fever syndrome, SJS, Lee Si two actors is added to an existing image as a healthy image has been enjoying the highest popularity. In particular, Kim Soo include the encore "Yigidong gym> the last time you can not see the two performances were scheduled on the role of an upper stage of the audience want to see passion not to be missed if the opportunity would be. Interpark last through April 20 start booking tickets for this play, coming May 13, 2011 to July 17, 2011 will be held at the theater Daehangno mimajiahteusenteo eyes.
Simwoogeun reporter / sim@heraldm.com
Google translation.:http://news.nate.com/view/20110426n04871



>>So Ji Sub@birthday for Kiki's puppies

there will be a birthday celebration for Kiki's puppies (Coco, Coca, Kaka ^^) ※Date: May 18, 2011, from 2 pm for about 2 hours. ※Location: Cafe powoojeu http://cafe.naver.com/cafepawz ... ※3. Description: After cutting the cake with a photo time, Kiki will be on the OX quiz and will be having a good time.
51K wanted the other 51K/kiki klub puppies to gather untill deadline May 10th
more info :http://www.51k.co.kr/10fw/company/news_view.asp?BoardNo=62&page=1&keyword1&keyword2
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>>So Ji Sub@ New pic

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>>So Ji Sub@ swimmer 2

SJS 'poor historical figure' escape ... grew up in the muscles sexy dotne

 [TV Report songseungeun news] So Ji figure of the school day late with getting the attention of the netizens are pleasing. Aired the last 21 days SBS TV 'night of TV entertainment' Tops Get the look of the school have been released. SJS data on the screen wearing a bathing suit is a black triangle. Seemed somewhat dry, with large keys and a slim body and now looks quite different from the young gives the charm. SJS was active as a swimmer at jangseongchil director for "High Grade 3 when the two suyoungbu SJS claimed. As a junior swimmer, I have led my life steadily," he said. SJS online present the historical figure, heats the hot phase of the entertainment industry since her debut in the shape he was interested in his luxury ssolrinda. His many TV shows, especially through the rugged masculinity, yet sexy body line with the more attractive it is piedmont. The drama happened in Bali 'aeteuthan love scene unfolded in the eye-catching. Particularly opposed to looking at the streets Haptic lamentations are exposed and the more refined shape also ease the notation that it was sexy and attractive that his expertly. Although the difference between past and present, revealing the figure somewhat, but the fans, "too, SJS," said chukyeosewotda. Photo: 'night of TV entertainment broadcasting screen capture, SBS



>>So Ji Sub@ swimmer

SJS, a swimmer during the public 'tough medalists' admiration

[Seoul, Lim, JH; NTN newspaper reporter] actor So Ji have been released of what was a swimmer. 21 days broadcast of SBS 'night of TV entertainment', including the actor So Ji Sung yeon sogaedwae school day and has attracted attention. SJS showed an extraordinary talent for swimming career started since the elementary school to 3rd grade when the school took suyoungbu claims. Bronze medal, especially playing the video, and now with the competition invariably boasted outstanding looks and tough physique. Swimming coach at the time for the SJS "I led my colleague had steadily exercise," he had really good build. Cho Tae Kwon Do and a certified four stages until the athlete in high school, 2nd grade, and Park Si-yeon from the Children Song contest winning target demographic characteristics, drew admiration. Meanwhile, SBS Broadcasting Drama 'Midas', MBC drama 'Royal Family' to appear on the chaebol, entrepreneurs say the lives of real characters and drew attention to the corner of comparison.
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>>So Ji Sub@ New pic 51K(2011/04/18)

Kollection - 官網新照-SIEG FAHRENHEIT花絮part2


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