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>>So Ji Sub & Kong Hyo Jin @ Attend Their First Shoot for " Master's sun"


Kong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub Attend Their First Shoot for ′The Sun of the Lord′

Kong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub put their chemistry to the test at their first shoot for SBS′ The Sun of the Lord.

Kong Hyo Jin will be appearing as Tae Gong Sil, a woman who can see ghosts, while So Ji Sub will become Joo Joong Won, a cold man.
Gong Sil and Joong Won first meet when Gong Sil, who had been outside in the rain, suddenly barges in on Joong Won, who had stopped his car due to a mysterious light. She considers him her only hope, and keeps acting inappropriately in front of him.
The two come close to each other even before they feel any affection for each other, begin fighting.
The shoot for the scene took place on June 19, at a rest stop in Paju-si.
Spirits were high despite the late start, and the two leads shone with happy energy all throughout the shoot.
Gong Hyo Jin appeared in a delirious state, but then brightened up after approaching So Ji Sub, while So Ji Sub became the cold, taken aback man he was supposed to be.
While during shoots they bickered in their roles, they read their scripts together when the cameras were off, giving each other advice and generally putting on a warm mood.
A rep from the drama′s production company Born Factory said, "Everyone has been paying a lot of attention at the match of So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, their first couple match since their debuts. On set they′ve also been exceeding expectations with their teamwork."
The Sun of the Lord is about a tearful woman who can see ghosts and her encounters with an arrogant man.
Producer Jin Hyuk of Shining Inheritance and Prosecutor Princess was joined by screenwriters Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho for the drama.
It will air its first episode on July 31.
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So Ji sub and Kong Hyo jin as a couple? Making scene of Masters Sun to be revealed
[by Joy Kim] Actor So Ji sub’s comeback drama SBS Master’s Sun’s making scene was revealed. 

The new drama, Master’s Sun will start broadcasting from 31st of July. So Ji sub plays the main role Joo Joong won and actress Kong Hyo jin will play Tae Gong sil.

Their story begins when So Ji sup stops car on the middle of the road after discovering mysterious light. Kong Hyo jin was lost in the rain and when she finds So Ji sup’s car, she jumps in his car hoping he could save her.

Their meeting scene was shot at a service area located in Paju, Gyeongi-do. Despite the late hour, both of the actors were energetic. Throughout the shooting they monitored their acting and shared opinions. Despite this drama was their first project together, they went along well.

Meanwhile, SBS Master’s Sun is a story about arrogant and stingy man and a woman who sees ghosts. The drama is written by the same writer from ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’, ‘The Greatest Love’. The first episode of Master’s Sun will be aired on 31st of July. (photo by Bon Factory)
Credit : yahoo