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>>So Ji Sub @ 'Comic look' up 'Rocco King' Master's Sun


So Ji Sub of Master’s Sun shows the face of a thousand emotion

So Ji Sub has displayed the face of a thousand emotion, turning to makeover king of acting.
In SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday television series Master’s Sun (written by Hong Jeong Eun, Hong Mi Ran, directed by Jin hyeok, Kwon Hyeok Chan, producted by Bon Factory), So ji Sub starring as Joo Joong Won has drawn attention by showing his great acting as “Loko King” (literally meaning “king of romantic comedy”).
The actor has captivated the viewers with his outstanding performance of the lead role who are cold-blooded and put a dollar amount on any human relationship but sometimes unexpectedly clumsy at love.
The-35-year-old actor, who moved away from his existing serious characters and challenged romantic comedy for the first time in his acting career, has struggled to study his role for a natural expression in the Master’s Sun.
So, to make the drama more perfect, continuously practices a variety of facial expressions like serious or funny looking during the short break time when the cameras weren’t working.
It is reported that he practices, whenever he get chance, wrinkling his brow or supporting his chin in his hands to express anguish like the rolein noisy drama set. “That’s the master’s charm.” crews highly praised him immersed himself in rehearsing of the drama.
The episode 16 of Master’s Sun starring So Ji Sub will be aired at 10:00 p.m. on October 2.