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>>So Ji Sub @Teaser For ‘Cola Bottle BABY’


So Ji Sub Releases Teaser For ‘Cola Bottle BABY’

[by Sora Ghim] Actor So Ji Sub will release the ’30-second teaser’ for his new song ‘Cola Bottle BABY’ at noon on August 6.

So Ji Sub previously released twin tracks ‘SO GANZI (BLACK)’ and ‘SO GANZI (WHITE)’ on July 22, also revealing the two music videos. Returning as a rapper, So Ji Sub will release a new song ‘Cola Bottle BABY’ on August 10 along with the music video.

Fans will be able to see the teaser for the new song on August 6. The 30 second teaser is filled with the motif of cola and women with ‘cola bottle-shaped figures.’ Looking at them, So Ji Sub and Soul Dive can’t hide their content. The red point gives a refreshing and strong image to blow away the summer heat. ‘Cola Bottle BABY’ will perfectly give a clever and sexy mood. 

From the introduction, So Ji Sub captivated with a different charm. Wearing a black jacket, a white shirt with a unique black point, and an all-back pomade hairstyle, he gives a witty appeal. Anticipation for the music video rises with just the images and how the sound will be.

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub has started his second Asia tour, ‘Let’s go together’ and will meet with fans in Kobe and Tokyo on August 28 and 30. (photo by ‘Cola Bottle BABY’ teaser capture)

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