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>>So Ji Sub @ 8000 Fans in Japan Fan Meeting

[Top Star News reporter Kim, Myung - Soo =] actor So Ji-sub and finished with a great success the '2nd Asia Tour' with this 8,000 Japanese fans.

SJS is Taiwan, China and Japan in order to turn the '2nd Asia Tour' in the drive, then hit the Asian 'soganji craze' was once again confirmed the foundation. 2015 fan meeting 'Let's go together' will put an end to Kobe and Tokyo in Japan late last month schedule, starting with Taiwan, July 25. In 28 days more than 4,000 people in Kobe International Hall International Hall, 30th Naka Tokyo route had a total of 4,000 persons, including 8,000 Japanese fans with the hottest relay meeting in the plaza.

Above the fan meeting, SJS will dissipate across the 'superiority Handsome Suit' and 'hip Brat Boy' appeal of the cloth ', captivated fans. If you look carefully dressed in a neat navy jacket tons geonneneunga Japanese greeting, full of energy I had also decorate the stage with black and white and from the 'hip-hop fashion soganji table. Also, reading a book in a comfortable jeans and a t-shirt sweet voice while wearing a black standard Full - Rimmed to wear, while showing off the natural waters to an intellectual aspect and was also the scene by heart.

In particular, SJS has for over two hours 'excursion', 'Eraser', a new song from the 'so-so story' 'SO GANZI', 'Coke bottle BABY' tight stage with his songs ranging fills the hip-hop soul burned ratdeon situation. In spite yieoteumedo fans show seats are assigned, all from the first song until the end of the show maintained a standing state was raised up from the seat and the apparent temperature. In the final stage, as well as the fan meeting in Tokyo SJS is 'SO GANZI' wearing the same clothes that looked good surprise appearance in the music video, he brings a unique fun appearance, as if it came out like freshly out of the music video.

SiO if SJS has launched a 'surprise lottery "for the fans each time, it revealed the extra fans love. Each of the three performances every fan pull number '51' symbolizing the agency 51K printing T-shirts, caps, cans, etc. I had a pretty gift consisting of hand-made and 'MD 3-piece set' socks. Moreover SJS fans are thrilled to win the gift and lovable and cry, remove the caps included in gift sets, etc. showcase the attentive service that covered pan directly touched and aroused envy.

The SJS in the last 7 twin track throughout August 'SO GANZI (BLACK)', 'SO GANZI (WHITE)' and 'coke bottle BABY' announced one after another, the sound and music videos Gonna state where the topic Mall. Heavy authentic digested sections of various genres from hip-carbonated this shakes that ass from hip-hop sound, showing the aspects developed SJS step as a rapper Kane had the fans cheering.

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