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>>So Ji Sub@Spokesman for women's underwear, South Korea's first

SJS as a spokesperson for women's underwear, South Korea's first

2011/08/04 (Thu) 14:31

SJS current endorsement from the lingerie brand Vivian, has become the brand's exclusive spokesperson.

Has always been a top actress to speak by the women's underwear, the actor got the endorsement, which is the first time in Korea. Sojisub first endorsement lingerie, and he shot underwear ads in the past, let him show concern was for their own image of a woman's emotional true man.

Vivian publicity department Jinke Zhang explained that "in the ad does not directly introduce our underwear, male model is sufficient only to show what you want", "This ad, like SJS can allow himself to love Like a woman-glorious, Vivian allow women to fully show their charm, we are such a feeling, that sense of visual pleasure to convey our idea of ​​information. "

In addition, the company included SJS (51K) name, including "TOSOMEPLACE By 51K" 22 at the opening of Apgujeong, SJS has suddenly appeared in the , in order to play their own variety. This fall, he will also talk about a man and a sad love story between the blind woman's film "only you> in order to return to the role of boxer screens.

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