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Just Only One


>>So Ji Sub & Uhm Ki Joon @ GHOST_Always Passionista

SJS and Uhm Ki Joon showdown in style! They say the elegance of suits

By exciting the tension is 1 minute 1 second ahkkaun drama. Slip in the last stage towards the running is now in the midst of fierce fighting the brain. Authorized two masters, Park Ki Young (SJS), and Cho, Hyun - Min (eomgijun) confirmed the identity of each other and the tension reached a peak. Now, the inevitable confrontation would have entered the government - run from the situation if you have any more is just a style showdown. Refined to produce different kinds of suits in the style of charisma! Their style will look to find the answers.

'Mad cow' Kwak Do Won 'feel the same clothes, the other of' aedeuribeu enough to be a hot topic every time this show SJS neat and tidy style suit topic. In the usual eye for high fashion SJS boasts a drama "Ghost> as the default gray color in navy, white, sky blue, etc., some limited sense of color to match the item is showing off. Added style splendor with a non-basic items to live a perfect manly charm that investigators are making the current, U.

In addition, the normally calm and sober charisma show, but sometimes more than one foot fast-moving activity in the field to highlight the selected style is the style, of course, no tie and no jacket. To cover all the basic shirt hidden in a neat garyeotjiman luxury that can not hide the trap body. Liberal and casual feel that suits the style, but he's smart and sharp images with a distinctive, classic and masculine hair style that emphasizes harmony and elegance perfectly suit the style that was completed.

'Wanpannam' jiyikeu parenhayiteuui demonstrated the power of classic suit is noticeable. SJS to feel like a classic suit with color-matched points. Natural and sophisticated sense of color as the base representation try. Here in linen, side vents in the formal style, etc. you need to use the summer to put some detail to emphasize the activity even with a casual feel can yeonchulhal. (① slim navy suit pattern JAD1207 / ② pattern of slender dark gray suit JAD2211)

Unlike the sleek, well-dressed suit Ji Young Cho, Hyun - Min securities representative acting as a sharp Uhm Ki Joon showing a little more colorful suit a variety of styles presented. Checked and striped patterns, as well as suits, shirts and colorful patterned ties, sometimes in spectacular fashion haengkeochipeuro gives points. SJS pretty spectacular as compared to the simplicity of detail is remarkable.

In particular, double-breasted jacket is a classic favorite ''Uhm Ki Joon" tasteful houses need to be sure the man is an item. Slim waist, shoulder to emphasize a broader look sexy, attractive, because a man made ​​a compelling Junee, deserves the coveted. Double-breasted suits worn as if the gentle chekeumunuina "Uhm Ki Joon" style stripes added Try to select stylish design. Even with the feel of a classic taste. Sincere gentleman will be upgraded. Feeling of confidence, as well as a neat, cool charisma to relaxation in the Loose is a style of expression that suits just Uhm Ki Joon.

A complete suite of well-dressed style seamlessly to complete another item to the right beneath the top Three-piece suit is a style of dressing. Three-piece suit, the most complete and seamless elegantly masculine styling points that make the shape of the jacket so that undisturbed remember that locks all the buttons. (① to complete the full three-piece suit, top VAD4208 / ② premium wool label brown suit JAE2138)
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