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>>So Ji Sub & Seo In Guk @ Full of masculinity two actors 'charisma' Master's Sun

'Lord of the sun' So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub) - Seo Bureau (Seo In Guk), full of masculinity two actors 'charisma' as a filming 'Gonna'

'Lord of the sun' So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub) and the Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk) is breathtaking in hand 'crucial meeting' has.
So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub) and the Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk) and 29 days (today) will be broadcast trees SBS mini-series' lord of the Sun "(a play hongjeongeun - hongmiran / director Eddie / production of this factory) facing in the eighth minute , standing and staring at each other, which will direct opposition to compose. President and director of security felt tense battle flag 'sparks charismatic' eyes are focused on confrontation.

Outerspace play room (gonghyojin) through the end of the rainfall (Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk)) received from a questionable feel like the week (So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub)) directly locate the rainfall situation in the security room. Rainfall unwavering stare staring week won something in the behavior of one week and then detects the unfolding of rainfall will look cool. The two men and one value of each radiating charisma without concessions simsangchaneun captures the atmosphere.

Especially in the last 28 days from the broadcast week won the 7th minute rainfall Outerspace thread is more than a little excited to be conscious to act jealous look around for boyija grunt from Burnaby hit. In addition, during the week of the circle which has been monitoring every move like a week of rain gonghyojin revolving around one week to his father's move to report to the attention of state collected. Why shop won the week that rain will find that viewers can raise questions.

So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub) and the Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk) of the 'alleles Old Flame "in the past 23 days, Gyeonggi-do, was taken from a shopping mall. Meanwhile, we wrote a scene that appeared with So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub) and the Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk) taken with the first appearance before the exciting reveal has appeared on the set.

So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub) The Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk) Let the glad not hide, love toktokhi junior showed Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk) also SJS (So Ji Sub) and 'brother' is called extreme followers was affectionate look. One week is not forced to play reoul kkeolkkeu relationship between rainfall and the 180 differently and, in fact, the two actors in the appearance of the crew hwagiaeae their "own brother is like," he spent cheering.

In particular, SJS (So Ji Sub) and Seo Bureau (Seo In Guk) to compose a meaningful representation of conflict have taken the day of the breathing exercise in the illusion, created a mature scenes. Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk) the senior SJS (So Ji Sub) and slightly ahead of the matdaemyeon shooting conditions looked tense look. This SJS (So Ji Sub) The Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk) Transcript face and head, and natural breathing exercises led.

So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub) regained the care of the space station Seo (Seo In Guk) within the character of the flow, So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub) is not in the depths of his eyes gave off its own charisma. Two to learn each other in front of the camera to take a cool look okay sign of PD Eddie Because sometimes falls back to filming to look that kindled uteumkkot dyed.

Publisher side of this factory, "So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub) and the Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk) Head to Head this time through the scene represented properly did its own distinctive charisma. In the eyes of the two actors filming a sharp spurt around freezing feeling heard, "said," So Ji Sub (So Ji Sub) and the Bureau Seo (Seo In Guk), however dont expect, "he said.

Meanwhile, the 28th broadcasted SBS 'lord of the Sun "won seven times a minute weekdays - Outerspace real-rainfall relationship of three people drawn mixed attracted attention. Room to Outerspace Outerspace rainfall and sincerely to reach a Jealous rooms and rainfall during the week between the two stretches of the circle will look. What is the relationship between three people that development is raising expectations. SBS 'lord of the sun' eight times a minute for 29 days (today) will be broadcast at 10 pm.

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