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>>So Ji Sub @ Shared his thoughts on completing filming for"Master's Sun"


So Ji Sub shared his thoughts on completing filming for 'The Sun of My Master'.

"It is both relieving and disappointing. I leave with a lot of good memories which give me strength to do another production. Although I had a difficult time throughout filming for 'The Sun of My Master', I am really thankful to have worked with the best crew and cast, and it was a fun time. It still feels surreal that it's over. It feels like Joo Joong Won will return tomorrow. He is a character that lingers on."

"Through this drama, I took on romantic comedy acting for the first time so I had a lot of worries on whether or not I can do well and how the viewers might respond. I thought about it and studied a lot. I paid attention to even my hand and feet movements with great care while acting. It was probably a challenge that upgraded my maturity as an actor."

"I didn't know that I had it in me as well. After Joo Joong Won's character naturally melted into me, my comedic and 'huhdang' acting gradually came out of me. I was also surprised at myself when I realized I had formed ideas for fun ad-libs."

"I am thankful that you watched my romantic comedy acting not with concern but with anticipation. Thanks to that love, I was able to take responsibility and do my best. It feels like I've made unforgettable memories. I also hope that the viewers don't forget Joo Joong Won too soon. Thank you to everyone who loved Joo Joong Won."

Viewers won't be able to forget the charisma and romance that So Ji Sub brought to the hit drama 'The Sun of My Master' as Joo Joong Won. The drama also ended its run on a high note by breaking its own record in the ratings department!