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>>So Ji Sub @ Brand Ambassador CK glasses




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So Ji Sub, Kim Ha Neul to wear

Lookout Optics Advertising winning actor So Ji Sub and Kim Ha Neul 2013 luxury Eyewear selected as exclusive models and recently finished shooting.

Lookout Optics, luxury eyewear model selection

Lookout Optics (NYSE heomyeonghyo winning actor So Ji Sub and Kim Ha Neul) announced that it has selected the 2013 luxury Eyewear exclusive advertising model.

SJS will act as the exclusive distribution next year look-Optics Salvatore Ferragamo, Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Makos Adamas luxury brands such as Men's Eyewear of the advertising model. Lookout Optics past 14 days Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, in the same studio SJS 2013 New Eyewear wear a print ad shoot was finished.

Lookout Optics "ages and ages from a variety of high attractiveness actor So Ji Sub," said the official, said the reason chosen stylish SJS "captures the charm of luxury eyewear line.

Earlier, the actress Kim Ha Neul and luxury brands Ladies Eyewear exclusive model contract Lookout Optics ad finished shooting the last nine days. Shooting Fendi, Ferragamo, Chloe, Jil Sander, Lacoste, Calvin Klein and Kim Ha Neul at this time to fit the character of the brand luxury eyewear pictorial sophistication, elegance, vibrant, and perfectly expressed. In addition, Kim Ha Neul may ad filming a costume that fits your brand with a interest in luxury eyewear for styling try paying attention.

Lookout Optics official said, "Kim Ha Neul from the filming of the ad was very interested enough to actively participate in the planning of advertising Seabrook Optics Eyewear" rich luxury brand eyewear and Kim Ha Neul's sensibilities are further refined and well right off the luxury ads was expressed through "he said.

So Ji Sub and Kim Ha Neul, on the other hand, have taken Eyewear ads will be published in the next year through various media. Also been used as a promotional material to increase sales, Seabrook Optics Distribution luxury brands Eyewear nationwide department stores, duty free shops, etc. angyeongwon elicit a high response from consumers is expected.

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