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>>So Ji Sub @ Interview with MeRadio in Singapore hotel 2014/8/21

So Ji Sub: I will write songs for my future girlfriend

If you are a huge fan of popular drama series The Master’s Sun, you will probably imagine So Ji Sub to share certain similarities with the protagonist he portrayed in the show. But unlike the straight-talking Joo Joong-Won, the Korean actor-rapper is soft-spoken and polite in person, a discernible contrast that makes him a lot less intimidating than the character.

I am different from Joo Joong Won

And in an interview with MeRadio before his first fan-meeting in Singapore, he revealed that they shared little in common in terms of personality. “There aren’t many similarities between us. Joo Joong-Won is very talkative and straightforward when expressing himself. But I’m quite reserved and I don’t really talk much. We are like polar opposites. But that is what makes him so attractive and why I chose to take up the role.”

The Master’s Sun, which first aired last August, took Asia by storm with its unique horror-romantic comedy storyline. The drama maintained high viewership throughout its run, but So Ji Sub said that he “had not expected it to be so well-received”. He expressed gratitude for the support the show had garnered and disclosed that the crew had initially received feedback from viewers that the ghost scenes were “too scary”. “The horror scenes were toned down a notch in the later episodes,” he added.

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Interview in Singapore hotel 2014/8/21

 We had a quick chat with the charming #SoJiSub where he revealed what a girl can do to make him angry. 

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