Just Only One

Just Only One


>>So Ji Sub @ Press conference Let’s have fun in Singapore 2014/08/21

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Nurul Farhahtil Raudhah

-The emcee asked him to say I love you in SG way, So Ji Sub said "I love you la?" HAHA SO CUTE 
-So Jisub said he felt grateful when he is able to see a lot of international fans here! 
-When asked to choose which country fans does he like most, a lot of fans shouted HongKong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore~ 
-So Jisub: it's my first time meeting you guys here in SG, i'm ready to be myself and be true to myself for the fan meet! 
-So Jisub Ideal type: looks doesnt matter, someone who can understand what I do and be considerate! P/S anyone? ㅋㅋㅋ 
-When asked to choose between actor or wife, So Jisub said he wants a girl who is able to support his career! 
-The emcee ask to choose between rapper, actor and sexy boy, So Jisub said "why can't I choose all?" WUAH XD 
-So Jisub said he don't have any power to do collaboration with other singers but he wish to collaborate with overseas actors! 
-Fans urge him to do gwiyomi but So Jisub is blushing and fanning himself XDXD 
-So Jisub said he's a big fan of hiphop so he's going to continue to do hiphop album as his singing skills are not that good! 
-So Jisub: "I've never thought myself to be handsome and goodlooking" ahhh lies~~~ HEHEHEH 
-So Jisub said he would rather be called a sexy man instead of handsome man. WOOOO~~
-So Jisub: " my recent album express my feelings and what I started on and the memories I had from my career!"
-So Jisub said he would rather be a ordinary person than someone who possess super power. 
-He said he don't mind dating a girl who is able to see ghosts because it doesn't matter to him. AWWWW XD 
-So Jisub said even though the character is a lil negative in the drama but at least he is honest! 
-So Jisub said the character in the drama is totally opposite of what he is in real life, as he's quite reserve & not talkative 
-So Jisub said he felt grateful for the popularity of his drama Master Sun! "Thank you so much for all the love"
-So Ji Sub said it's a pity that he haven't tried our local food yet!